Boom Goes the Website!

14 05 2012

Our New Site

What do you think of our new site??? We want to thank Josh Eberly of for all the incredible work he did and we want to especially thank him for his patience! We hope that all of you like it too! We wanted it to be simple, informational and pretty. Y’all getting that kinda feel?

In addition to the new site we are starting this Blog and there are going to be a few changes happening around the shop over the next few months. Athletes using tweak are getting faster and as they improve we must keep improving with them. With the addition of our new coaches we’ve increased our collective knowledge base further than ever before and we are excited for an unparalleled summer at the shop. This Blog is a way for us to tell you stuff like that and to extend the incredible teaching that goes on at tweak < the athletic edge >.  By the way, I’m Johnny Austermann and I’m the manager at tweak. While the Blog has my name attached to it we will definitely be having posts from other individuals and athletes.  Read our first post: Orientation, Orientation, Orientation!




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